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We use Solidworks and the Adobe Creative Suite to produce professional illustrations, Graphic and Product Design Services..

Some samples of illustration work are shown to the right.

Illustration work undertaken includes:

  • Line Drawings
  • Cut-Away Views
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Ghosted Illustrations
  • Schematic Layouts.
  • etc.

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Please contact us with your brief to discuss any of your Illustration needs.

Graphic Design

Product Design Cont@ct...

Progressive Studios Ltd provides high quality Product Design Data, Technical Illustriation and Infographics to suit various industrial / commerrical needs. We are based in Lancashire and serve clients worldwide.

Product Design:

Over the years, we have supported the design work for many different industries. Our main area of expertise is designing injection molded and sheet metal products. We have experience in Automotive Interiors, White Goods, Electronic Packaging, LED lighting, etc.


With over 30 years experience in product design, we know that the graphic / communication side of the business is key to selling and servicing product to both the market and stakeholders. We consider that concise, accurate, uncluttered imagery is the key to providing a clear understanding of the matter at hand.